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Matt McGloin Extremely Frustrated During Blowout Loss To DC Defenders (Video)

It has not been a fun day for quarterback Matt McGloin and the New York Guardians.

The Guardians are currently down 0-27 late in the fourth quarter against the DC Defenders in Week Two of the XFL season. It was been a terrible game all around for the New York squad, especially on offense. McGloin has had a tough day, throwing for 44 total yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. The starting quarterback currently has a quarterback rating of 10.1.

Some sideline audio has been released of McGloin talking to head coach Kevin Gilbride, and he is extremely frustrated. McGloin pointed out that some of his teammates, although he didn’t want to name names, don’t seem to be pulling their weight, and was very frustrated during an interview heading into the locker rooms at halftime.

Check out the clips here:



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