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XFL safeties SaQwan Edwards and Max Redfield decline contracts

SaQwan Edwards

More players have now declined to play in the XFL after being drafted by teams. Draftee Corey Vereen started things off by declining an XFL contract after realizing the league pay was below his standards.

Now, safeties Saqwan Edwards and Max Redfield, drafted by the Houston Roughnecks and DC Defenders, respectively, have also forgone their XFL opportunities. The six-foot-one defensive back, Edwards, has instead opted to play for the Arena Football League (AFL) as a member of the Baltimore Brigade squad. He took to Twitter to further explain his decision.

Edwards mentioned “financial stability” in his Tweets. The AFL currently pays players $250 a game along with $25 win bonuses. With that being said, Edwards playing in the AFL likely allows him to pursue a career outside of football simultaneously.

As for Redfield, the Notre Dame product has instead opted to play for the Italian Football League (IFL). He stands at six-foot-one and offered great assistance against the run during his days with “The Fighting Irish.” Redfield will likely be one of the better and more sought-after defensive backs in the IFL given his experience.

Upon Vereen’s decision to not sign with the XFL, he mentioned he heard other players would be forgoing their opportunities as well, for the same reasons. However, in the case of both Edwards and Redfield, it’s unknown if that’s the case.



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