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XFL Reportedly Negotiating Video Game Deal


The XFL could be getting its very own video game in 2020.

According to a report from Sports Gamers Online, the inaugural league is in “deep negotiations” to bring an XFL video game to next-generation consoles in 2021 or 2022. Those next-generation consoles being the upcoming Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. The report did not confirm which company the XFL was speaking to, but did note they were an “experienced developer.”

Aside from next-generation consoles, it’s possible that the game is made available for current-gen as well. However, the report does note that part of the negotiations center around whether or not to make it a next-gen only game. As for when the game could hit shelves, a late fall 2021 release is possible. However, a 2022 Q1 release is more likely, which would be around the time of the league’s third season.

Although the game developer wasn’t revealed, the WWE, which is also owned by XFL owner Vince McMahon, already has a video game deal in place with 2K. Perhaps McMahon could use that relationship to his advantage and land a deal for the XFL as well.



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