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XFL player contract details leaked, league deals are non-negotiable


Some players have been less than thrilled with the financial compensation being offered by the XFL, and now we may know why.

Pro Football Talk has obtained a copy of a standard XFL player contract. The documents were sent out to agents, while also being labeled with indications such as “confidential” and “do not circulate.” Of course, someone didn’t listen to that, as details from the document have now been made public.

According to the memo accompanying the contract, the deal is “non-negotiable.” It was also specified that players will receive a weekly salary of $1,040, with an anticipated gross amount of $27,040. A payment of $1,685 per game played is also promised, and $2,222 for each win.

Players do not receive any royalties for merchandise sold by the XFL, including items that feature their names. The document states players are, in fact, allowed to leave for the NFL, but only after their respective team’s season is over.

The XFL Championship game will be played on April 26, which is the day after the NFL Draft. Finally, the contract includes a broad waiver of rights to pursue legal claims in court. as well as an agreement to arbitrate disputes and promise not to enter into class actions.



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