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XFL plans on reducing play clock stoppage to speed up the game

Earlier this week, the XFL began testing “theories” for rule changes when the league launches in 2020.

One of the biggest things being talked about is the desire to reduce the overall time of the game. The league hopes to achieve that in several ways including tweaks to the game clock.

The league is considering keeping the game clock moving after incomplete passes and when a player runs out of bounds. The clock would only stop during the last two minutes of the half.

“Fans want to minimize idle time and speed up the game,” said Sam Schwartzstein, the XFL’s director of operations.

The league plans on having designated ball spotters to spot the ball immediately after the play ends. This would take the responsibility out of the referee’s hands.

The league is also looking at revamping the kickoff. The idea is that the kicking team would have to wait until the receiving team catches the ball before running downfield. As we reported earlier, they are also looking at a tiered extra point system that would eliminate the kicking extra point. Teams would have to score from the 2-yard line to get the extra point. They would line up at the 5-yard line for 2 points and if they want 3 points then they would have to line up at the 15-yard line.



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