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XFL is considering unlimited forward passes behind the line of scrimmage

The XFL plans to reimagine football when they relaunch in 2020 and they plan on doing that, in part, by speeding up the game.

They have been testing out rule changes at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College so they can figure out if some of their theories would work out in an actual game.

XFL Senior Vice President Doug Whaley and XFL Director of Football Operations Sam Schwartzstein talked about some of their ideas in a video posted on the official XFL YouTube channel.

Among the ideas being tested to speed up the game are:

– Minimize idle time by reducing play clock stoppage. The idea is to keep the play clock going throughout the game except in the final two minutes of the quarter.

– Dedicated Ball Spotting Official to prevent the game from being delayed when the ball is spotted.

– 5-Yard Halo on a punt return. No player can be within 5 yards of the returner when he touches the ball. The idea here is that this will reduce injuries while creating exciting returns on punts.

– Tiered extra points. There would be no extra point kicks. After a touchdown, teams can opt for 1 point from the 2-yard line, 2 points from the 5-yard line and 3 points from the 15-yard line.

– New kickoff. Players will line up 5 yards apart. Play starts when the ball is caught. 

– Unlimited forward passes behind the line of scrimmage.

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