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XFL announces full 2020 schedule, kicks off immediately after Super Bowl 54


The XFL has finally announced their full schedule for the inaugural 2020 season. In the league’s first matchup, the D.C. Defenders will take on the Seattle Dragons in Washington. The game will broadcast live on ABC.

Currently, the XFL consists of eight teams that have been divided up into two divisions. Each team will play five home games and five away games throughout the season, which will span from February 8 to April 12. Then, one round of two playoff games will go down from April 18 to 19.

The championship game will be played on April 26. Per ESPN, the schedule was devised to work around the NFL’s winter and spring events. The XFL’s opening weekend will be held a week after the conclusion of Super Bowl 54. Their championship game will then take place the Sunday after the 2020 NFL Draft.

“It’s a big moment for us,” XFL commissioner Oliver Luck said. “We’ve got great time slots on the weekends. We think it’s a well-designed schedule in terms of competitive balance.”

Of course, XFL is owned by professional wrestling titan Vince McMahon, also owner of WWE, who invested $500 million of his own money to relaunch the once failed football league. The XFL’s first attempt flopped after its first and only season in 2001. Now, in its relaunch, the league will be run by former Houston Oilers quarterback and now XFL commissioner Oliver Luck – father of recently retired former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

All XFL games next year will air on either ABC, ESPN, Fox, or FS1. 

“If you think about football in this country, I think you’d certainly have to think about ABC and ESPN and Fox with what they do, so I think these are trusted broadcasters, they’ve broadcast literally hundreds of thousands of NFL games, major college games,” Luck said.

“So their talent that they’ll assign will be top-notch talent. So we think there’s never been quite honestly a startup league that’s had these kinds of windows, this kind of exposure.”



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