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Pat McAfee claims he’ll have ‘unprecedented access’ as XFL sideline reporter

Pat McAfee

It was recently announced that former NFL punter Pat McAfee would be part of ESPN’s XFL broadcast team. In addition to McAfee, he’ll be joined by Steve Levy and Greg McElroy, amongst others.

McAfee took to his podcast, “The Pat McAfee Show,” to tease what exactly he’ll be doing as part of ESPN’s XFL broadcast team. McAfee will be working as the sideline reporter for games, and during his show, he teased he’ll have “unprecedented access” to teams, players, and coaches.

McAfee went on to suggest he could be inside team huddles, speaking to coaches after a bad decision, talking to referees after a call, and more. Check out the clip of McAfee teasing his XFL duties here:

The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand was able to speak with ESPN about McAfee and their plans for the broadcasting of XFL games. ESPN’s senior vice president of production, Lee Fitting, had this to say:

“[McAfee] feels like a natural with the XFL,” Fitting said. “He feels like a natural down on the field for us. With the XFL, we are really pushing the access piece and the in-game access piece. Live interviews on the sideline.”

“The reporters are going to have some freedom. You put those thoughts together then why not Pat? He’s going to be a natural down there and we are going to give him a little bit of a longer leash to operate.”

Fitting further explained that players will be wearing mics, helmet cams, and viewers will be able to hear coach-to-coach or coach-to-player conversations.

“There are going to be tons of players with mics on. There are going to be helmet cams. We will be able to listen in on coach-to-coach and coach-to-player audio in their helmet systems and spin that around as quickly as we can. We think access and audio is where we can make a difference.”



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