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Oddsmakers list Colin Kaepernick as the most likely ex-NFL player to sign with the XFL

It’s been almost two years since Colin Kaepernick has played professional football and there are no signs pointing towards an NFL team picking him up.

However, Las Vegas oddsmakers seem to think there’s a good chance that he will sign with an XFL team when the league launches in 2020. has released a prop bet on which ex-NFL player will be the first to sign with Vince McMahon’s league. For the record, the league has said that they are looking at signing former NFL stars but they have not commented on the prospect of signing Kaepernick.

Here are the odds on former ex-NFL players and it is safe to say that most of them (Brett Favre, for example) are extreme long shots:

Colin Kaepernick: +100 (even)
Johnny Manziel: +200 (2/1)
Michael Vick: +500 (5/1)
Tim Tebow: +1000 (10/1)
Brett Favre: +10000 (100/1)

McMahon and Commissioner Oliver Luck have said that they don’t want to mix politics so perhaps Kaepernick would have to look elsewhere if he wants to play pro football again.



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